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                       This site is dedicated to the less fortunate and the entrepreneur, individually and collectively. An unlikely union that surprisingly creates the perfect combination for success and philanthropic accomplishments. For now 5% of all profits will go towards our dream of ending homelessness in America. We will also be supplying items, and facilitating employment services, financial literacy training, job placement, and housing to people in need in local communities as opportunity allows. We realize there is homelessness everywhere in the world but if we cannot conquer it in the land of opportunity, how can we lead by example in other parts of the world.  The vision behind Bill’s Bargain Basement was birthed long, long ago, before any of the other companies in this industry even thought of a similar business, excluding Craigslist, Good Will and the Salvation Army of course. In fact we have spent the last 10 years studying e-commerce, classified ad sites, and the vision and efforts of Goodwill and The Salvation Army. We realized as great as those companies are, and as much as those companies have contributed to society, that without question, the need in America, let alone other countries, was still great. You can read the somewhat gripping full story behind the dream and the vision of Bill’s Bargain Basement in the Blog posts, The Birth of a Dream, The Birth of a Vision, and The Birth of a Plan.

            With a background in law, 23 years of retail, sales, and marketing management experience, 13 years in residential and Commercial moving and removal, and 13 years reselling pre-owned items, there are a few things we know for certain. First, not only are there few if any in this industry with the amount of experience as Bill’s Bargain Basement, but we also know for sure that just about everyone loves a bargain. Not just any bargain, but a GREAT bargain. Second, when you’ve given someone a great bargain ( a service or product that isn’t cheaply made, at an incredibly discounted price) and you invite that person back for a second great bargain, they are more than likely going to return. When they do return and you give them a 2nd great bargain and invite them back a 3rd time, they are almost guaranteed to return. Then when they return for a 3rd time and you give them yet another great bargain and invite them back again, they will certainly return a 4th time. After their 4th visit and 4th great bargain, they are extremely likely to tell someone about all the great bargains they are getting from you if they haven’t already done so. This is how you build long term customer relationships and make up the deep discounts you give in volume sales.
            For now we invite you to join our site, buy a $0.99 membership. It allows you to buy and sell, posting pretty much all of the ads you like for free, excluding just a few categories. We also invite you to read our blog posts. Learn why we are one of the safest sites on the internet to buy and sell from. See why we are confident that you won’t find another site on the internet as passionate and as committed to your customer satisfaction or entrepreneurial success, nor will you feel as good about joining another site as you will about joining Bill’s Bargain Basement.
                                                                                All My Best,


2 Love Seats & 2 Comfy Chairs

Hoot November 20, 2017 301 total views, 0 today

I’m selling these 2 love seats and these 2 very comfortable chairs  for less than half of what their really worth. I’ve  only had these […]


Louis Vuitton Handbag, wallet, and Stilettos

, Axehandle November 20, 2017 586 total views, 0 today

I’ve been pretty fortunate in my life being able to enjoy some of the finest name brand items. These 3 Louis Vuitton items have served […]


Furnished Room For Rent

, Piddleville November 20, 2017 209 total views, 0 today

I Have a very nice furnished room for rent in my 5 bedroom home. Comes with Flat screen, Cable, and High speed Internet. You also […]


Nice Hoverboard

Anaconda November 20, 2017 214 total views, 0 today

I have this hover board in great condition for sale. I’m actually going into the military and just won’t have any use for it and […]


Rice/Slow Cooker

Momoli November 20, 2017 318 total views, 0 today

I use this rice cooker only once in a while. I know some cook roasts in these as well but I have another rather large […]

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