Why You Should Pay $0.99 to post Ads on Willbargain.com

A Safer E-Commerce & Classified Ad Choice For A good Cause

Let’s face it, we’ve all seen or heard about the catfish stories on Facebook, or the not so pleasant craigslist stories. We mean no disrespect to either facebook or Craigslist, but it’s a simple fact that anyone can easily create an anonymous account on either Facebook or Craigslist. When people meet someone for the first time to purchase an item from Craigslist, after the sale, you usually never have any contact with the person again and no way of authenticating the quality of their sale. If the person sold you a faulty product, once they’re gone, their gone, That’s it. The same with Facebook. If you use facebook to verify another account, how do you know the person behind the Facebook picture really goes by the name listed? So verifying a persons identity with their facebook shouldn’t be the only form of verification needed to join a successful classified ad or E-commerce web site. If you really want quality buyers and sellers that you are really trying to protect, then it’s imperative that we know our customers as much as possible. KYC stands for “know your Customer” and this has been a successfully used method over the years for verifying users identity in many other successful businesses. Often those companies required you to upload a photo id as well as a second form of Identification.

We do not yet feel the need to go quite that far at Willbargain.com. We are however, looking out for your safety and the quality of your experience here on our site. As such we wanted to take some extra steps so that even though these steps by no means guarantee a persons safety or the identity of all of our users, we hope that these simple steps will minimize the number of disingenuous buyers and sellers on our site and help to ensure a greater number of quality buyers and sellers which will enhance the quality of your online experience here at Willbargain.com.

We are one of the safest sites on the internet because we require everyone to pay a $0.99 membership. We also allow buyers and sellers to create an account, upload their picture, and we offer a Seller feedback feature. One of the biggest reasons we charge a $0.99 membership is because if someone isn’t willing to spend a mere $0.99 a month ( just $12 a year) via debit/credit/, then they are more than likely not a serious buyer or seller and those aren’t the type of people you want using up the band width on your site. You also, as a buyer or seller, don’t want to waste your time dealing with non serious buyers and sellers. You want a community of people who are transparent enough to purchase a membership which leaves a trail identifying who you are buying and selling from. Serious buyers and sellers have nothing to hide and they want to network. Criminals are less likely to leave a paper trail using credit and debit cards. Is it fool proof? Of course not. But requiring people to have a $0.99 membership gives you a better chance of validating your buyers and sellers identity, and insuring the safety of the Willbargain Community. Finally the ip addresses of all of our users are stored in our data base which gives us just a bit more identity and transparency from all of our buyers and sellers.

Knowing Your Customer, or KYC has proved to be a sound business practice for many companies over the years and uploading your photo is easy. Not sure about you but we’d rather deal with a genuine and verified customer like this nice young lady instead of the faceless figure shown in the first picture above. Again, while by no means a fool proof guarantee, All of the safeguards mentioned above give you a greater assurance that the people you deal with on Willbargain.com are serious buyers or sellers which ultimately means more peace of mind for you. $0.99 is well worth the contribution towards everyone’s safety and quality online experience especially since a portion goes to help over 40,000 homeless United States veterans and other less fortunate Americans. Also, compare $0.99 to $29, $79, and some other e-commerce web site packages that are well over $100 a month and you can see there is no comparison when you are looking for vetted, serious buyers and sellers. At $0.99 it’s a win win for you because you can be more confident that your sellers are authentic, honest, and their identity has been vetted. Disingenuous people beware, we are vigilant about protecting our Willbargain,com Community and we strive to give our users the best possible classified ad and e-commerce experience. We invite you to register for free and pay your $0.99 membership fee so you can get started creating your profile, posting ads or just have fun browsing and finding items you may want to purchase. You can feel good about your $0.99 membership going toward a worthy cause and know you are doing your part in helping to make a difference in the lives of people who truly need it.

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