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                              “The Birth Of A Vision”

Does anyone remember the ole “Five N Dime” Stores? Many mothers and Fathers back in the day used to love shopping in them. They say there’s a little more than a handful still around today though the prices may be a little higher than they used to be. But you could always count on finding a bargain at the “Five N Dime”. You didn’t hope to find a bargain, you could count on it. Remember when you first heard the phrase “I bet you could find that on Ebay a lot cheaper”? It’s Hard to believe that E-commerce giant Ebay has been around over 22 years as of this past September 2017. When you consider that Amazon was started a year before Ebay, for those old enough to remember, it makes you stop and ponder how far those companies have come and how much they have evolved. You could find just about anything you wanted at one time on Ebay and there was a high likelihood it was going to be the least expensive place to buy it if you didn’t get out bid for the item. How things have changed today from the days of someone who just liked collecting broken laser pointers.

If you saw the NBC Nightly news on December 5, 2017 then you probably saw the segment about the Fingerlings. One of the most sought after new toys in the industry this year, fingerlings are being snatched up in mass quantities by software programs called Grinchbots. These Grinchbots are used by so called Cyber-scalpers or greedy opportunistic people who use the Grinchbots to buy up every last popular toy on the market. What do they do when they have bought up all the popular most coveted merchandise on the market?

You guessed it, they march right over to Amazon and sell what used to be a $15 fingerling for as much as $100. But they don’t stop there, no, they keep truckin right on over to Ebay and list the same $15 fingerling for as much as $1000. Yep, you read that right, $1000 for what was once a $15 toy for a child. Obviously this is a detestable business practice that causes thousands of families and their children to lose out.

This old ticket scalping practice is so wide spread in the retail industry now that consumer watchdog groups are now calling on “Retailers” Cough cough, to take a stand against such wild west behavior and even Senate Minority leader Chuck Shumer has been raising the issue as a matter of great public concern. Should we hold our breath and wait for EBay and Amazon to lose the profits they make by putting a stop to these high priced sales? Where are we headed today if we as the American people continue to allow such greedy practices. And while we appreciate what Senator Shumer may be trying to do in putting a stop to these types of practices do we really want to wait for the slow gears of Government to come to the peoples rescue.

Cyber Scalpers and Grinchbots are just two reasons among many more explained below, that we need willbargain.com, a site by the people and for the people, and policed by the people as well. After all we can’t expect the ecomerce giants to be motivated to cut their profits by stopping cyberscalpers. Do you still love to find a great bargain? Are you interested in Making Money with Classified ads? Are you interested in helping the less fortunate? Are you already involved with eCommerce? Perhaps you have listed items on a classified website many times before and just want a safe, classy classified ad website to list some items on from time to time. If you answered yes to any of the above, your going to want to keep reading because something amazing has begun in America. We’re asking everyone to join together and fight back against the Grinchbots and return to a time where people cared more about their neighbor. If this has peaked your interest, grab a cup of coffee, a snack, or just get comfy while we take you on a journey back to where the Vision of willbargain.com first began.

Though extremely similar, the “Vision” Of willbargain.com came before the “Dream” and you can read about “The beginning Of A Dream” in our next blog post. The vision of willbargain.com was actually birthed over 10 years ago, only it wasn’t called willbargain.com it was called Bills Bargain Basement and it was first intended to be a brick and Mortar merchandise Bargain outlet. While it was brewing long before 2007, the vision gained confirmation During the 2007-2008 foreclosure crisis.  At the time one of our companies was a Moving and Removal company specializing in residential and commercial moving and removal of big trash and debris, with a concentration on Trash-outs of REO properties. Just so you know, REO doesn’t stand for a chocolate cream filled cookie. 🙂 REO stands for Real Estate owned, more precisely it means it’s bank owned or owned by the government.

Sadly most of the time it meant a family lost their home and left belongings due to divorce, foreclosure, or both. Back then we did jobs for municipalities, National Property Management companies Like REO Allegiance, Now First Allegiance, the IRS and many others. It was a sad time for Americans yet strangely enough in a certain niche market it was a time of surplus. However, the personal vision Behind Bill’s Bargain Basement, now wiilbargain.com, wasn’t one birthed from warm and fuzzy moments nor was it put on hold to start a family. On the contrary and keeping it real with our readers, it was put on hold due to divorce, the challenges of single parenting, and the long road to starting over again among others. Can any of you relate? We’ll spare you the picture for this one. Suffice it to say that Life seemed to be in the way. But the vision never died. There was a need, a great need for items for good people who were also starting over, and we suddenly found ourselves in possession of many of those items.

The amount of items in good to excellent condition that families were either forced to throw out or simply didn’t want to take during their moves was astonishing. We were given a great deal of those items and soon had storage bins that were full. We developed relationships with people and companies who called us just to come get free things. Or, It was also not uncommon to make $500-$1100 in a Saturday yard sale. There was so much stuff that we didn’t try to charge much money for it as the main business took up quite a bit of time so we sold everything at extremely low prices. $800 snow blowers for $350, Washers and dryers for $50 each, leather couches for $75, Woodstoves for $100, tools, clothes, designer purses, children’s toys, cribs, you name it. Soon people in need began to come to our yard sales from many miles away. It was fun to haggle but we soon realized it felt good to give someone a good deal on something they really needed and we found that the more bargains we gave away the more people showed up next time until there was no room to park with cars lined up down the road.

At that point, we knew we were on to something, a business model with a purpose and a need much larger than ourselves. The idea of a brick and mortar bargain outlet to sell these items was born and the name we chose was Bill’s Bargain Basement. Fast forward many years, business plans, family and logistical challenges, and we realized the internet would allow us to change our approach, starting online first, and hopefully with Brick and Mortar to follow. We also realized a couple others chose the name we wanted and we didn’t want our customers to get carpal tunnel syndrome anyway when typing the web address billsbargainbasement.com every day (though we bought the domain name),so we shortened it to willbargain.com. So here at Willbargain.com, we’re not just asking you to sell your unwanted items in good to excellent condition on our site just to make money. We’re asking you to sell your unwanted items on our site at a significant bargain price, to help someone…to start a bargain movement attracting more and more consumers and sellers, and then make money. There’s a difference, because we are calling on people to want to MAKE a difference and earn extra income at the same time. We are confident, with a background in law, criminology, Sociology, and over 23 years in sales,sales management, retail sales, as well as over 13 years in the moving, removing, and Merchandise resale industry, that if you follow our business approach, if your an entrepreneur, you stand to make more money on this site over time than with any other site on the internet. Our approach is definitely strategic and we have seen time and time again that slow and steady wins the race. Low margins and high volume also benefit everyone involved, especially the less fortunate. If your interested in helping people, there is no other site quite like this that has studied E-commerce, classified ads, Goodwill, and the Salvation army quite as collectively as we have in order to marry these entrepreneurial industries with philanthropic company goals . We assure you, Willbargain.com has been a sleeping giant for many years whose time of awakening has finally come.

Therefore we invite you to stay the course with us. We have loads of amazing blog posts to share with further details about our company goals and agendas, both philanthropic and entrepreneurial, that will keep you coming back for more. This isn’t about using Grinchbots to mass buy cheap products and jack up the resale prices, nor are we asking you to use technology to tell you when prices have dropped elsewhere and list your product a dollar or two below the competition (though we realize some may pursue this). This is about creating, not just a pay it forward bargain movement that offers YOUR OWN quality products in good to excellent condition right in your garage, but it’s also an entrepreneurial Bargain revolution with a philanthropic impact the likes of which this country has never seen. The fact of the matter is that we too know a thing or two because we’ve seen a thing or two. Indeed we’re seen more than a few things under the sun. Want to know a a couple little secrets that we have seen on both a qualitative and quantitative level, from a micro and macro perspective?

Ok, but shhhhh! Don’t tell anyone, but 1., There are MILLIONS of good American families in the United States, as in roughly 125 million families. 2. Of those 125 million families, at a minimum, over 50 million of those families are middle class and have soooo much unused STUFF in good to excellent condition, just sitting in their closets, garages, basements, and attics. Yep, you know who you are. You mean well hanging on to all that stuff. You have been meaning to get to it every weekend, or every new year resolution but there it still sits. We also know you because we’ve moved so many like you they might as well be you? Hi “John, how’s that garage coming along? Oooh, you have managed to clear a path from the garage door to the house door? Impressive, but your still parking outside right”? There are millions of you with similar situations. Nice to see you again Mary! Hows that attic you’ve been meaning to clean out”? “How have you been Bob? Did you and Patricia ever make any headway on your basement that you were considering having us help you clean out?” “Jennifer! You know you have put that closet off for far too long!” Can you imagine if over 50 million of you decided to pay it forward and list just ONE item of yours at a great bargain price on willbargain.com? If you listed Just ONE item you have that’s in good to excellent condition that is just collecting dust, you could change peoples lives for the better. List 2 or 3 items and you could start the greatest bargain movement the country has ever seen. Are you “Willing to bargain” for a good cause?

Though we don’t want to be held to the standards of a benefit corporation we want to help segments of society which include the homeless, the low income, the middle class, and the entrepreneur. Currently, there are literally hundreds of thousands of people experiencing homelessness in the United States as you read this blog. See some suggested numbers here
We have reason to believe the numbers are much higher, (in the 1 million + range) than this because there are so many people who experience homelessness that would never admit it. You may even be related to someone who is homeless and they just haven’t told you because they don’t want to burden you. You may even have a college student who is struggling but won’t tell you because your in another state and all you hear over the phone is “Everything is going fine mom/dad”. But the truth could be their roommates kicked them out of off campus housing and they are homeless struggling to stay in college and are struggling to even keep a job due to lack of sleep.

It’s not just nameless drug addicts, alcoholics, felons, or what some refer to as lazy bums who are homeless. Every human being was once an infant and every homeless person has a name and a story. Not only do the aforementioned need your help but many of them are Good decent people that are homeless who had a plan but have fallen on unexpected hard times and this video about a homeless vet is proof positive of why we can’t judge books by their cover.

That amazing story about the random act of kindness by homeless vet Johnny Bobbit Jr. toward Stranded Motorist Kate McClure has since been updated here to an even more amazing story . In fact “Although flawless counts are impossible to come by – the transient nature of homeless populations presents a major difficulty – the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) estimates that 39,471 veterans are homeless on any given night ” Did you know that? Are you ok with that? Are you ok knowing that almost 40,000 of OUR United States Veterans who gave their service to our country are sleeping on the street? Fellow Americans, THIS OUGHT NOT TO BE!

The truth is, like the state of Utah has learned, it is more financially beneficial for America to solve it’s homeless crisis than to leave it languishing and unresolved because it actually costs the tax payers more to leave the homeless in their current state then it does to once and for all find a solution and end homelessness and the factors that contribute to it. There are many reasons for this but one reason is because the homeless find themselves with significantly more medical problems than the average citizen due to the life they are forced to live. This results in more trips to the Emergency Room (ER).

Many are not aware of the fact that taxpayers often have to help pick up the tab for ER Visits by the homeless and uninsured. The state of Utah was first to bring this argument to the forefront after their claims that they had significantly reduced homelessness in their state. This is not to say that Utah has solved the homeless crisis and has the perfect model but they are taking aggressive steps and more needs to be done as can be seen in this Huffpost article .

So we invite you to stay tuned for our next blog post and in the meantime, be a part of something bigger than yourself.  We are creating an ecommerce giant opportunity. Come make money for you and your family and help the less fortunate at the same time, knowing that we have spent years studying these issues and that we are COMMITTED to help end homelessness in America while simultaneously assisting with financial literacy training, job placement, counseling of all types,, and the kind of entrepreneurial success that is the reason America is called the land of opportunity.

If you are an employer, Real Estate Broker, Car Dealer, Property Management Company, or any entity that will be posting multiple ads in these categories or multiple ads in any categories that require a small fee, then we ask you to advertise with us and purchase a membership that offers you a greater bargain for your buck such as a membership offering a 30%, 40%, or 50% discount. We are confident if you become a part of this bargain revolution, advertising your business here now, you stand to gain far more recognition by getting in place with us now as this movement increases in size. The same goes for individual entrepreneurs who may sell merchandise regularly and can agree to our philosophy of selling it at an incredible bargain price. If you choose to get yourselves positioned now with willbargain.com and take advantage of one of the above mentioned memberships, you are likely to reap the rewards of massive amounts of customers interested in what you have to offer. We are confident that you will make up your discounted sales via all the volume sales generated as people learn why willbargain.com is becoming one of the fastest growing classified ad site in the United States.

Furthermore, even If you are someone who just wants to have a classy safe classified ad website to sell some unwanted items from time to time that are in good to excellent condition, there is a place here for you as well. We encourage you to purchase a $0.99 monthly membership which allows you to post unlimited ads in all but a few categories such as those listed above mainly used by businesses and entrepreneurs. In a future blog post We will also show you how paying that $0.99 membership, just $11.88 per year, not only ensures greater safety for the willbargain.com community but also insures that the buyers and sellers on this site are committed buyers and sellers and not people likely to waste your time. We are committed to the less fortunate and the entrepreneur, individually and collectively. An unlikely union that surprisingly creates the perfect combination for success and philanthropic accomplishments and our hope in this endeavor is similar to the following quote:

…”the truth is if I see a burger, I want a burger. If I see a kitten, I want to pet a kitten. My hope is that if you see someone doing good, you might want to do some good, too. And if we inspire each other, we can create a ripple effect of good.”- Milana Vayntrub

We invite you to be a part of the Birth of this Vision.

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